Uplighting 101: 4 Different Types of Uplights

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Uplighting 101: 4 Different Types of Uplights

When it comes to garden design and beautification, everyone wants their landscape to look its best. It is every homeowner dream to have their ideal garden or yard. It is why they spend a lot of time and money on making it look spectacular. There are thousands of different landscape, and garden design one can adapt, but if you are creative, you can design your own.

There are many things you can do to make your garden look amazing without hiring a landscaper and spending too much. You can use many different items at home for your design and decorations, but one thing can make every garden stand out at night, perfect lighting. There are different kinds of outdoor house uplighting, all of which can make the design of your home complete. However, over a flame is not good too since it can make space look like a Christmas tree.

Uplighting is one of the most popular types of lighting. It brings about a dramatic glow to everything it focuses on. If it is your first time to hear of it, uplighting is mainly referring to the directional focus of light. Most of the time, when uplighting are used in landscaping, they are mounted at ground level with the light going upward.

Uplight is perfect when lighting up a garden since it highlights the different features of your yard. You can have it focus on your favorite elements like your most beautiful flowers, plants, statues or even trees. It gives off a nighttime glow and adds drama to your landscape especially at night. It does not only create shadows, but it also adds depth to your outdoor walls and fences. Furthermore, it contributes to making the surroundings lit perfectly for safety and security. If you want to install some uplighting in your yard, here are the different types to choose from.


A bullet uplighting is named so due to its similarity to a bullet. It is used as a directional light since it has a narrow beam which is perfect for shining light on different trees and plants. Either they are pole mounted, or surface mounted. The good thing about this type of lighting is that you can easily adjust it accordingly, so you have no worries when you want to switch the focus on a particular part of your tree.


Wash lights are often chosen to provide subtle illumination to different wall surfaces, shrubs, and low lying plants. It has a little diffuse and is best when you want to add visual interest on specific items or if you want to light a pathway.


Well, are used when you want to install an uplight which is not visible to your garden landscape. They are often used to light the underside of benches as well as plants. It is also the perfect type of lighting for the lower part of the wall.


Flood is the last type of spotlight. It offers a broader lighting scope than a bullet light. It is often used for lighting large trees and statues. They are also commonly used to illuminate the façade of houses.

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