Need Water Heater Repair in Sugar Land? We’re on the Way.  

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Need Water Heater Repair in Sugar Land? We’re on the Way.  

Nothing is more urgent to MET Plumbing than a water heater in need of assistance. When you need outstanding repair work and need it in a hurry, call the Sugar Land water heater repair company you know and trust.

Here’s what we’ll look for when we get there.

Common Issues We Find

First, we’ll rule out the simplest fixes:

  • Sometimes, all we need to do is tighten the pipes carrying water into your home.
  • Or perhaps you have a pilot light issue. If so, we’ll be ready to replace the thermocouple in your heater.
  • If your water is cloudy or smells metallic, the suspects could be mineral deposits. Checking your faucet’s aerator screen can help. If there is some mineral blockage there, it’s easily rinsed off.

The Serious Fixes

Speaking of mineral buildups in water heaters, the water in the region of Katy and Sugar Land is hard. Accumulations of mineral deposits can impact your water heater in more serious ways.

Our technicians look for telltale leaks. They may find some water around the TPR valve. This can signal overheating, because the valve’s job is to ease pressure if the controls can’t keep the heat in check.

Your observations will help our technicians diagnose the problem, and quickly help you get your household back to normal.

For example, if your water heater is constantly overworked, it might be making a clanging sound. Should you hear a knocking sound the moment you turn your water off, the problem might involve an easy adjustment to the water hammer. But newer homes have water hammer arrestors that need replacement when they fail to work.

What if your controls simply aren’t working? Your heater may need replacement. We can check to ensure it’s necessary, advise you regarding your best options, and get the job done promptly.

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk. We’re on Our Way!

If your water overheats, or if you smell gas, don’t wait to call us. Have our technician come over to look into the matter. Gas in a home is dangerous, and so is a water heater explosion in a home. For safety’s sake, don’t ignore gas smells or plug a leak.

We offer installation and maintenance for tankless water heaters as well as water heater tanks. We employ outstanding licensed plumbers who have a breadth of experience with water heater issues, and know the water in Sugar Land, TX.

You are not only a customer to us. You are part of our community. So, if you need a Sugar Land expert in water heater repair, 24 hours a day, contact our MET Plumbing team. We’ll be right over.


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