Kitchen organization hacks for the smart homeowner!

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Kitchen organization hacks for the smart homeowner!

Your kitchen is one of the most functional areas of the house, and it only makes sense that you do everything possible to utilize the available space. There’s no denying that contemporary homes are getting smaller in size, and often, kitchen and bathrooms bear the brunt. In this post, we bring some easy-breezy kitchen organization hacks for the smart homeowner.

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  1. Get kitchen organizers. That’s the simplest thing you can get for any functional kitchen. Kitchen organizers at come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can place them on the counter or can fix them on the wall – the choice is yours. The idea is to minimize the use of counter space as much as possible, especially in smaller kitchens.
  2. Make the most of the walls. This may require some upfront investment, but getting more cabinets on the walls will help you get rid of visible clutter. These days, floor to ceiling cabinets are pretty common in modular kitchen, and you can use the higher shelves to use things that you don’t need on a regular basis.
  3. Use the area under and over the sink. You can create cabinets under the sink to place your garbage bins, which works wonders for keeping trash under cover. Many homes also have cutting boards right over the sink, which helps in minimizing use of countertop space.
  4. Get rid of the kitchen island. It breaks our heart to say this but kitchen islands are not practical, especially for smaller homes and apartment living. You may end up minimizing the floor space, which can affect the way you work in the kitchen.
  5. Invest in a chest of drawers. For kitchen, you need a chest of drawers that’s made of plastic and can be used to store all the knick-knacks. There are so many different kinds and sizers of drawers available, but before you shop, take a look at the space available.
  6. Minimize clutter. Most kitchens have a few utensils, bakeware, condiments and spices that are hardly used every single day. You can keep those things under cover on behind the shelves to make the area look neat.
  7. Remove the unwanted appliances. Besides the microwave and toaster, you don’t need most of the kitchen appliances on a regular basis. You can also choose to remove some of the essentials to the dining area, if space is available, such as the coffee maker.

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