How to Choose High Quality Teak Dining Table

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How to Choose High Quality Teak Dining Table

Teak furniture has been considered as high class furniture piece that offers strength and durability. Coming from the Far East, it is not a surprise that the price of teak furniture is skyrocketing. However, some stores sometimes offer teak furniture in quite low price, making you doubt the quality as well as the authenticity. That is why you need to know how to recognize real teak furniture, including teak dining table. This will prevent you from purchasing fake or low quality teak wood furniture.

Tips to Choose Teak Dining Table

Please note that the following tips can be applied for any teak wood furniture, not merely teak dining table. Since teak wood has typical characteristics, it is not quite hard to distinguish teak wood from other wood materials. Here are some tips that you need to consider.

  1. Grades

Teak has 3 grades, ranging from A to C. Grade A is the best teak wood since it comes from mature teak plant. It has uniform color with close grain and oily surface, which serves as protective oils. Indonesian teak plant has unique curvy grain, therefore making it more expensive than others. Grade A is also very strong, durable, and is resistant to any elements. It is not a surprise that teak wood Grade A lasts lifetime. Meanwhile, Grade B is considered softer and Grade C is even softer than Grade B. That is why teakwood Grade B and Grade C is typically cheaper.

  1. Chemical addition

When you are purchasing teak dining table or other furniture, chances are that you do not know what the craftsman has done to the wood. In fact, it is important to know if the wood has received chemical addition. The chemical is usually added to even out the grain or patchy appearance, making grade C teak wood looks like Grade B. This is quite dangerous because it may be a toxic for children or pregnant women. How to spot the chemical? When purchasing teak wood furniture, find suspicious dark color that may appear on the surface. If you happen to find the surface that does not contain grain, it may be a sign that the wood has received chemical addition.

Those are two important tips that you should know when buying teak wood furniture, including teak dining table. By knowing the tips, you will be able to find high quality teak furniture piece and pay according to the quality.

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