Hiring an industrial architect? Ask the right questions!

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Hiring an industrial architect? Ask the right questions!

Commercial and industrial projects are huge, both in terms of scale and budget. Every project can become a landmark worth referring to, and while the money spent or invested is important, the architectural practice makes the biggest difference. The role of an industrial architect is not about getting a design in place, but they ensure that every aspect is followed and every norm, code is adhered to. They also keep up with the engineers and services involved in the construction process, to ensure that the project stays true to the intended course of action. In this post, we talk of the questions you must ask before selecting an industrial architect.

  1. What are some of your recent projects?

Companies like architecte industriel Stendel + Reich never shy away from discussing their work, and they would be more than happy to share details, references on request. Reviewing the work of an architectural practice is the first step towards hiring them, and you should ask this question during the initial meetings.

  1. Do you have the experience to handle our project?

Just because an industrial architect is known and has reputation within the industry doesn’t mean that they are right for your needs. Keep in mind that experience only matters when that aligns to the needs, scope and scale of your project. They should know the ins and outs of your industry, must have an idea of the inherent challenges in similar projects, and must offer ideas that are practical and viable.

  1. Who will be working on this project, if assigned?

Most industrial architectural practices have hundreds of team members, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is working on your project alone. Typically, when you send a Request for Proposal, they will revert back and request a meeting with some of their top or best architects. You need to know if these are the people who will be working on the project and whether they would be responsible for the day to day communication. It is also necessary to evaluate and check their individual qualifications, experience and collaborative work profile.

A good industrial architect should be ready to take up new challenges and must be around to listen to your needs and ideas. Note that this is not a singular job, where you can expect a report by the end of the day. Launching a commercial project is a collective and immersive experience, where architects, clients and other services work in sync.

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