5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tiling Your House

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tiling Your House

Sometimes it is actually easy to execute the tiling project of your house if you have some basic know-how and also exercise a little patience. People who have a prior experience with DIY projects usually find it less of a task to tile their house. However, mistakes are inevitable when you are doing DIY tile installation. You can actually avoid these mistakes if you follow the instructions we have put together here for you. Below is a list of things not to do when you are tiling your home by yourself.

#1:Lack of adequate preparation

A lot of people make the mistake of omitting the first and most important step in tiling which is choosing the right supplier for their tiles and also cleaning the area thoroughly. While you ensure you choose quality tiles like the ones from Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles, you must also ensure that the surface you want to place your tiles on is free from oil, wax, grease and curing compounds. If you don’t clean properly, the adhesion would be poor and the tile will soon be falling off or breaking away. So, before placing any tiles make sure you clean, clean and clean.

#2:Using the wrong adhesive

Some adhesives cannot effectively set a strong foundation for tiles to be used for places like swimming pools and bathrooms. In this case, make sure you use a heavy duty waterproof adhesive to set the foundation. However, it is important to note that adhesives differ based on the composite of tile laid or the function of the room. So don’t use the wrong adhesive.

#3:Poor planning

DIY tilers always fail to do proper planning in terms of taking the right measurement and set out and not buying enough tiles. Some even buy just the actual amount needed to fully execute the tiling project without considering future replacement. Try to plan adequately and consider the future before buying any tile to use.

#4:Incorrect construction or expansion joints

Expansion joints are normally created for the easy installation of all forms of tiles –porcelain, ceramics, glass,and stone. Not including expansion joints or installing the wrong kind can mess up the entire project. The tiles will end up being too rigid destroying both the grouts and the tile.

#5:Inaccurate set-out

Some DIY tilers would just begin setting of the tiles without measuring the walls and floor and drawing a vertical and horizontal reference line. This makes the tiles to be improperly lined up. They are laid out of square causing irregular patterns. Always take a proper measurement and check that the lines are placed at a 900 angle to each other.

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